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Thanks for choosing to camp with us!

Welcome to Quiet Woods Green River Stables Horse Camp & RV Park! To ensure an excellent camping experience for you and our other guests, please read and follow our rules while enjoying your stay!

Booking and Reservation Policies

1. All Cancelations must be directly called in at 270-789-4525, we will not cancel a reservation through facebook messenger, text message or email. Call us directly.


2. No refund for cancelations made within 48 hrs.

No moving your reservation date within 48 hrs. 

3. All canceled or moved reservations prior to 48 hrs will be subject to a $25 fee. 

General Rules

1) Keep a safety first mindset while on site. Safety is a personal responsibility.

2) Campfires: Do not move firepits or rings, only burn in designated spots. Please don't burn trash, cans, bottles, or wood with nails or screws. Do not use any oil or fuel to start a fire. 

3) Dogs: Your dog, your responsibility. Keep all dogs on a leash, pick up waste, no dogs left unattended, do not bring dogs that excessively bark.

4) Golf Carts/Bikes: No irresponsible drivers. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Keep it slow and under control while on the road. Use caution around the horses. Yield at all intersections of camp.

5) Quiet Hours are 12pm-7am.

6) Check-in is at 2 pm Check-out is at 12 am. 

7) No smoking in buildings, laundry rooms or around barns. 

8)Deposit all trash in dumpsters at the entrance of the campground. 

9) No fireworks allowed.


10) Leave no trace. Please leave your site as you found it.


11) All guest staying with us allows permission to take photographs of you and said property for use to publish or print with or without your name for any lawful purpose for publicity, illustration, web content or advertising.

12) Please respect the bathhouses.

13) All children must be accompanied by an adult.

14)All rules are subject to change without notice. 

Horse Camping Rules

1) Please do not unload horses without a negative coggins. We are not a state owned property & not required to check for them. Coggins is for your travel purposes. 

2) Safety is a personal responsibility.


3) STALLS: Inspect your stalls before use. Please strip your stalls before you leave. Empty wheelbarrow in the muck pile located near your stall barn. All manure and hay must be cleaned up. Be sure to leave pick forks, rakes, wheelbarrows in designated areas. 


4) HORSES ALLOWED IN CAMPGROUND FOR TACKING ONLY. Only tie horses on trailers or hitching posts. Do not leave horses to loaf in the campground. NO FREE RIDING IN CAMPGROUND. Riding is limited to and from the trails only.


5) All dogs must be kept on a leash. Please clean up after dogs. 


6) Rinse or cool down your horse, please don't bathe your horse. 

7) No washing tack in laundry rooms.

8) Leave no trace. Leave your campsite as you found it. 

9) Must use shaving in stalls. This helps maintain stall floors

10) Please follow all General Rules.

Summer Camping Rules

1. Follow all general rules.

2. Summer Camping is $2000 from Derby weekend-Labor Day Weekend.

3. Summer Camping is from Thursday 12pm to Sunday 2pm. 3 day weekends, every weekend.

4.Be sure your camper is in your site and not crowding neighboring sites.

5.Cords and hoses are to be put under your camper for mowing purposes.

6. Seasonal campers are expected to weedeat or spray for weeds around their campers.

7. Turn off air when departing for the week. $25 a day will be charged if left on.

8. Store your camp upon departure. Store mats or make sure they can be mowed around. Shut off air & gear off water. Keep a tidy camp.

9.Keep your camper insured. Any damage that occurs goes through your insurance. (This is per insurance policy)

10. Want a longer stay? Come in March, April $275 per month. Extend your season September, October $275 per month. Two day weekend.

11. Storage $75 per month on site, slides in & unplugged. $150 per month plugged in with only fridge running. After season only.

12. Want to secure a site for next season? Put down a $500 deposit to hold your site. All deposits go towards balance owed. Non refundable.

13. All rules are subject to change.

Got an event this summer? Special rates for renting Saloon for all summer guests.

9am-11pm $150 per day, Small Room $75. Please book two weeks in advance.

Our Airbnb onsite sleeps 8. Full kitchen, living space, and front porch. Firepit, flat top grill and mud room with additional refrigerator. Check the link below for avalibilities.

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