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Welcome to Quiet Woods Green River Stables!

We are working on becoming the Best Horse Camp   
in Kentucky!

Please go to the booking tab to reserve your site and stalls.

We welcome all types of, RV, work campers, etc. We have 93 Full Hookup sites and one on-site airbnb that is listed in the Camping section. We have 4 Bathhouses, laundry rooms and a western style camper lounge where we host entertainment such as karaoke & live music. This is a great place for campers to enjoy being together. We have access to over 30 miles of wooded trails at Green River Lake State Park.  Campers can saddle their horse, take off on foot, or get out their bicycle and head to the trails to experience the natural beauty Kentucky has to offer.  We provide the opportunity to experience the outdoors in a little different setting.  Some trails offer a breathtaking view of Green River Lake.  Wildlife, such as deer, wild turkey and fox are abundant.  Green River Stables is open year round for camping. 



Visit our Booking Tab to reserve your site!

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